How To Create An RSS Feed For Your Blog

RSS which translates to Really Simple Syndication in full is a technology that allows blog followers to keep track of their favorite blogs. The technology achieves this by providing a list of all recent blog posts making it much easier and convenient for your followers to get updated on any new developments on the blog and consequently increase traffic to your blog. If you don’t have a blog but want one, you might find this blog creation tutorial helpful. Continue reading

How RSS Feeds Are Still Useful

Many of the individuals who belong to the inbound marketing community may be aware of the existence of RSS. Many will not know about the versatility associated with RSS. RSS has not become the story of the past but this good old thing has got much to offer for your marketing needs. This is the best option available for you to get all the blog subscriptions to a single place so that it becomes much easier for you to read the things. There are many other uses that RSS feeds have to offer for marketing, especially if you are building a forum. Continue reading

5 Free Online RSS Readers

If you are a regular internet user, it is likely you know that managing and reviewing the activities taking place on the web isn’t a walk in the park, thanks to the fact that a lot is taking place out there such that it has become quiet daunting for internet users to visit various platforms and get information from each of them.

This is actually the whole idea behind investing in RSS feeds, so as to enable you review every activity that is taking place at your favorite online destinations.

However, reading RSS feeds from various platforms can be equally challenging and that is exactly the reason as to why it is important to have an online RSS feed reader handy. The good news is that there are plenty of free online RSS readers on the internet which are ideal for you especially if you don’t have money to invest in one. Here are 5 Free Online RSS Readers that are suitable for you.

  1. Digg Reader 

The free online RSS reader comes with a clean user interface with almost all the features that you need for purposes of reading as well as managing your RSS feeds. It integrates with various web services like Instapaper , meaning that you can easily bookmark posts that you plan to read later when you have time. The RSS reader also has a rich database that will enable you locate nearly every site on the web that has RSS feeds.

  1. The Old Reader 

This free online RSS feed reader also comes with a beautiful user interface along with easy to use functions. All you need to do in order to use it is to create a free account and then you will start receiving feeds from various websites. The subscriptions will automatically be listed in your account and you will be able to view the feeds any time you wish to. In addition, there is a variety of categories that you can choose to send these feeds. The categories are liked, starred, shared or bookmarked. However, some categories are strictly reserved for paid users, while some have been provided for free.

  1. FeedShow

The good thing with this free online RSS reader is that it allows you to create a free account, and thereafter start browsing for feeds from a variety of your favorite websites. All you have to do is paste a link inside the search bar and the latest feeds will automatically appear right in front of you. Still, you can either choose to read them each at a time, or you can choose to save these links in your site by subscribing them. You can further choose to delete these subscriptions any time you wish to.

  1. Feedreader

This is a great alternative for Google Reader, and it also boasts of having a good-looking interface. With Feedreader, you can browse the most recent feeds from your favorite platforms, or you can filter feeds using various options such as top 1000, this week, last 24 hours and more. Searching feeds with Feedreader is such a breeze for all you need to do is enter URL or website name inside the browsing bar and all feeds from that particular source will be listed below.

  1. Feedly 

The free online RSS reader allows you to browse for feeds from a variety of your favorite websites simply by entering URL, title and topic. In addition, there is a variety of topics that are listed on the platform’s homepage itself. You can click on any topic in order to read feeds related to it. The feeds that you search for are listed on a separate page, and you can read these feeds and then add them to your reading list. There are several sign up options available, since you can either choose to sign up with your Facebook account, Google account or Microsoft account.

With these 5 free online RSS readers, you will no longer run into problems when it comes to managing and reviewing your online activities.